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Smart Office Assets

Smart office Assets only sells furniture that meet their scrutinized loss of required performance, aesthetics, and usability. If a product’s structure remains solid, many times updating fabric or a new fresh coat of paint brings new life to the place. Doing services like these in-house helps keep cost down while giving a piece a second life rather than putting it into a landfill. SOA also houses a laminate shop, which can customize any sort of top whether for a counter-top, work surface or table.

Many types of companies deal with pre-owned furniture. Some businesses simply trade bundles of used equipment, often not seeing what they sell. That’s not SOA, which tends to resemble the sales of new furniture. Smart Office Assets carries their inventory; not seeking furniture to fill an order. SOA houses over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space. Owning the furniture, they sell is important to SOA. Watts wants to be able to see and evaluate everything. With the product in the warehouse, the sales team knows exactly what the product is and the customer knows exactly what they are getting, something other companies cannot say. Another benefit to an inventory is the services that can be extended. SOA matches the manufacturer’s warranty. Other companies cannot offer these services, and it gives the customers greater confidence to know 3-6 months down the road, a part will be replaced if it turns out defective.

Smart Office Assets continues to improve the processes and the production of their products. SOA knows it is each companies’ responsibility to lessen their negative impact on the Earth. There is no one way to impact the Earth in a positive way or lessen your impact. SOA strives hard to do what they can and hopes to show that with small choices, we can make big differences.

Trusted & Well Known

Solid Reputation

JJ Watts has been in the office furniture industry for over 30 years.  Specializing in used office furniture – or PreOwned as we like to call it – he has established a solid reputation for quality and value.  Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to new startups.  JJ works on a national level to liquidate and sell only the best Grade-A used inventories that are available. We offer Field Projects, As-Is, Refurbished or a blend of both.  We call this Revenue Harvesting and stand on three important principles:

Large Inventory Allows for Flexibility of Workstation Design
We own all of our preowned inventories.  We specialize in used office product and lines include:  Knoll, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Teknion, Geiger and more. Used workstations include Knoll Currents, Morrison, Dividends and Reff.  Other used Knoll product includes Private Offices, Autostrada, Seating and Studio product.

High Quality Product & Affordable Prices Positively Impact Your Bottom Line
It’s no surprise that companies today are totally focused on saving money. What if we can provide you with a Grade-A solution AND cut your furniture budget in half? More good news is that in addition to our Used Furniture division, we offer several lines of New Casegoods and Seating that complement our pre-owned pricing.  Lead times typically range from two to four weeks.  We can get you into “The Brand” without breaking the bank.  Our motto is “why buy new when you can buy used?”

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Social Stewardship

Doing our part

Going Green Together

That which benefits the environment also benefits your bottom line. We believe that we all have a responsibility in keeping our world healthy and prosperous. By recycling office furniture, we can do our share to help preserve this planet. By purchasing used, or pre-owned, office furniture you will successfully:

  • Conserve natural resources and energy
  • Reduce the amount of product sent to landfills each year (millions of pounds)
  • Protect Virgin Materials

To find out more about what we offer, call 267-977-5402 or email us.