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Responsible Expansion – Lean, Green and Cost Effective – WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT?

SOA is dedicated to supporting their clients in achieving responsible expansion, ensuring that their growth aligns with sustainable practices. The company places a strong emphasis on minimizing their environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly solutions across all aspects of their operations.

To create a green and lean office environment, SOA implements practices that focus on waste reduction, resource conservation, and energy efficiency. By offering preowned office furniture, they actively contribute to the circular economy by extending the lifespan of furniture and diverting it from landfills. This sustainable approach not only benefits the environment but also enables businesses to create functional and stylish workspaces without compromising on quality or budget.

In addition to their environmental commitment, SOA recognizes the importance of helping their clients save money by offering preowned office furniture assets. They refurbish and remanufacture a small percentage of their inventory to maximize its value and ensure its longevity. This approach allows both SOA and their clients to harness the full potential and economic benefits of these furniture assets, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective business model.

Through their dedication to responsible expansion, environmental consciousness, and the economic advantages of preowned furniture, SOA actively supports their clients in growing their businesses while prioritizing sustainability. By partnering with SOA, businesses can achieve their expansion goals while minimizing their environmental footprint and benefiting from cost-effective office furnishing solutions.