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  • All Product In Great Condition, Very Clean, Lightly Used
  • Young Product with an Attractive Neutral Color Palette
  • Available to Ship As Soon As You Need It
  • Order Now for your Fall Installation
  • Selling by the Floor for $500.00 a station Loaded and Installation Drawings Included!

Qty: 500 Knoll Reff Tiled Workstations
Size: 6×6, 6×8 and 8×8

64″ Spine by 48″panel +16″glass stacker; Fully Loaded with Reuter bins with
task lights, Reff 2-drawer lateral file and box/box/file ped, Mid belt data & electric
Finishes: Paint-folkstone grey / Trim: Silver / Laminate-Folkstone grey
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Qty: 100 Knoll Morrison WorkStations, Size 8×6
Fully Loaded with Glass in Every Station, Neutral Design creates a
striking appearance using light and dark tones.

64″ Spine, 48″ + 16″ Glass Stacker; Reuter bin & open shelf with task light;
Calibre lateral file and box/box/file ped; Base power & data,
Curved Corners Are Standard, Articulating Corners Optional
Finishes: Dark Grey Components /Trim: Silver / Laminate-Pumice
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