Different options available now for quick delivery – Different Sizes, Panel heights – 64″, 56″, 48″, 42″; Glass stackers (windows), Components like overheads, peds, shelves, electrical outlets…. Everything you need to Customize Your Work Environment as Your Like It!
We own our Used Knoll Workstation Inventories and offer a complete workstation/cubicle that may include refurbishment of some sort, new product when necessary, multi-height panels, glass stackers, worksurfaces, sit-to-stand electric tables, pedestals, overheads, and 8-wire electric, We also offer Seating of all sorts and more. Call today to find the perfect workstation to compliment your office space.
Oftentimes, people believe that the more money you spend, the better quality you get. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true! You can get high quality Pre-Owned Office Furniture like Knoll Morrison and Currents at a fraction of the cost of new.