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Used vs. New Office furniture:  Reap the Savings and Defeat the Recession

New office furniture is often perceived as a necessity rather than a luxury because many companies believe that it maintains a more impressive face toward clients, strategic partners, and venture capital investors.

Such a viewpoint is nothing more than an ego-driven shell game called “find the true mission statement” that serves no real purpose of business on either side of the table.

Used office furniture at discount prices has nothing to do with the functionality or aesthetic of a workstation, cube, private office, or desk that happened to belong to someone else before you.  Investing wisely in top quality, used office furniture tells your investors, clients, and strategic partners that you are smart enough to put results first rather than waste time and money on over- branding the look and feel of your corporate persona.

So long as you obtain your used office furniture from a reputable source such as Smart Office Assets, you can save money and still present a solid, reputable front to investors who are more interested in your value production and the integrity of your deliverables than any claim top Elite status that is by this time in history just as outdated as the myth of the Illuminati, and in every practical sense of the term, EQUALLY UNREAL.

In times of recession, business must still move forward.  Every business owner knows that money must be invested in key resources that generate a return on investment.  Without a solid plan of action to generate return on investment and positive cash flow, stagnated cash flow will entropy and turn backward into negative cash flow, driving a business underwater and contributing to global economic depression in a very real, non-mythical domino effect.

Furniture is something you have to have, and used office furniture is the most sound investment you can make to outfit your workspace with a positive, focused, deliverables-oriented value producing workspace of pure forward motion that conquers the recession against all odds. 

Smart Office Assets by no means claims that used office furniture alone is either the Golden Goose or the Golden Egg that will magically produce rivers of revenue simply with its presence alone.

Rather, what we do assert as a fact to all of our many clients is that WISE INVESTMENT in the essential, must-have tools of business, one of which is top-quality, used office furniture at discount prices, is a key ingredient to an overall strategy of focused, consolidated, targeted procurement with ROI built into the purchase order at the point of decision.

This cannot be emphasized enough to the many companies who know they need to purchase additional cubes, workstations, desks, and private offices, but who are forestalling the procurement until “good times” come back around and replenish their coffers sufficiently to buy brand new office furniture for the purposes of impressive displays and sheik façades.

This is the epitome of unreality when we look at the established nature of recession as a diminishment of positive cash flow, and the absolute disaster that assumption-motivated money hoarding precipitates when we react the news rather than take action to create the news.

Smart Office Assets has compassion on your fear, but we will not let you live in fear.  We will find you any workstation, desk, cubicle, reception area, or executive furnishings you need from used furniture sources at discount prices, and we will add further value to your investment with space planning services that will transform your office space into a power house of value producing WORK SPACE.

Smart Office Assets provides used office furniture at discount prices in near factory condition.  Visit our website now to buy workstations, cubes, desks, chairs, private office suites, and executive and decorative furnishings made by top brand manufacturers like Knoll, Herman Miller, Kimball, Teknion, and Haworth, to name just a few.

Ask a design specialist about how to make your used office furniture look better than new office furniture in the ways we have already established matter the most to your staff, your clients, and your investors.