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What does Smart Office Assets have to do with “green” design?

Smart Office Assets (SOA), based in St. Louis, is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and actively promoting green design principles. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, JJ Watts, the CEO of SOA, emphasizes the message of pre-owned office furniture as a means to save budgets, maintain quality, and preserve the Earth.

As a major player in the secondary office furniture market, specializing in Knoll products, SOA excels in re-deploying existing assets into new companies. By doing so, they prevent thousands of pounds of furniture from ending up in landfills each year. This commitment to reducing waste aligns with the principles of green design.

SOA’s contribution to green design goes beyond the inherent sustainability of the pre-owned furniture business. Their operational practices reflect a dedication to environmental responsibility. The company prioritizes efficiency and eco-friendliness in its operations.

Located in St. Louis, the central location of SOA helps conserve energy in shipping. By minimizing transportation distances, the company reduces carbon emissions associated with the delivery of furniture.

Furthermore, SOA follows a policy of recycling first and remanufacturing second. They sell 95% of their inventory “As-Is,” recognizing the high quality and young age of the products. This approach eliminates the need for energy or resources to be expended on updating or repairing the finishes of the furniture. Only 5% of their inventory undergoes refurbishing or remanufacturing processes, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and only when necessary.

SOA maintains rigorous evaluation standards for cleanliness, operation, fit, and finish of all their products. This evaluation process ensures that each piece meets their quality criteria, minimizing wasteful efforts to fix furniture that doesn’t warrant repairs. By avoiding unnecessary repairs, SOA saves valuable time, energy, and resources.

In conclusion, Smart Office Assets in St. Louis is committed to making a minimal impact on the environment. Their central location helps conserve energy in shipping, and their policy of recycling first and remanufacturing second showcases their dedication to sustainability. With a focus on operational efficiency and thorough evaluation processes, SOA aims to contribute to green design principles while offering high-quality pre-owned office furniture to their customers.