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9.5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Pre-owned Office Furniture


1.Isn’t all used office furniture damaged or dirty?

Not at all, as a matter of fact, it is hard to distinguish between new and used office furniture. Pre-owned office furniture can range in age and vary in degree of repair need. SOA’s products are extensively evaluated for cleanliness, operation, fit and finish. If a piece does not meet SOA’s standards, it is repaired. Since the infrastructure remains solid and undamaged, new surface materials cover everywhere the eye can see.

2. Is the product As-Is, Refurbished or Remanufactured?

What parts are new? What has been altered? As-Is furniture returns to the market for sale after extensive evaluation proves it does not warrant repair or improvement to its appearance. Refurbished furniture classifies itself as a blend of existing and new aesthetics, such a new laminate. Remanufactured receives new paint, fabric, and laminate.

3. What’s the price of the furniture both new and used?

Compare new and pre-owned prices to see the difference and the money you can save. Also check out the warranties and service options from different pre-owned dealers and from those who sell new.

4. What is the dealer’s reputation?

Make sure the dealer of your used office furniture has a solid reference. Ask to see their finished products in another customer’s environment. The majority of Smart Office Assets business continues to be from repeat customers and referrals.

5. Can I see the inventory?

Is the sales person the actual owner of the product? If the answer is no, you are probably talking to a broker that is marketing someone else’s inventory. Smart office assets own’s all of their inventories and products. At any time, you can visit the showroom and check out what SOA carries. Seeing different types of stations in person helps you to make the direct comparisons in different brands, styles, sizes and extras. This gives you the assurance that your choices will meet your company’s expectations and requirements

6. Can I get a specific product line?

Smart Office Assets specializes in Knoll product. This allows you to choose from a variety of Knoll products and accessories. Smart Office Assets chooses know due to their design and caliber of products. The sales staff and service department work with a deep knowledge base of knoll products, designs and mechanics. SOA also maintains smaller quantities of the other top 5 manufactures in over 125, 000 square feet or warehouse space, specializing in Knoll remains the primary focus.

7. What is the product history? What is the age?

Three to seven years old is the typical age range for Smart Office Assets inventories. Do not always dismiss the term “used: as equaling worn, antique desks and chairs.

8. Do you offer a warranty?

While there are no industry-wide standards, Smart Office Assets warranty matches the new warranty of Knoll on all remanufactured products sold.

9. When can I get the furniture?

Now. Pre-owned office furniture offers quick turnaround, typically 2-4 weeks. Don’t wait months for the item to be manufactured, get it when you need it.

9.5 What can I get for the same money?

Lesser quality new furniture can cost the same as pre-owned form the top 5 manufactures. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy furniture from the top 5 manufactures, don’t buy lesser quality new pieces, buy the top-quality products built to last for less money.